Saturday, July 21, 2012

Camp Mighty

I am pretty much the opposite of a spontaneous person. I tend to overplan and weigh my options in agonizing detail. It's not that I don't wish I were more spontaneous--one year I even made it my new year's resolution--it just doesn't come naturally.

There is a woman who works in the same building I do. She's my mother's age, but with no kids of her own she's pretty much the super-cool aunt I never had. We met in a creative writing class and grab lunch every few weeks now. Inevitably during our conversations, I find myself talking about something I would love to do, but have talked myself out of, deciding it's too expensive, or I don't have the time, or I should spend the money on something more practical. The last time we talked she stopped me and said, "Go. Life is too damn short." I've heard advice like that before, of course, but for some reason, this time it really resonated with me.

Either that, or I'm on a quest to spend all of my money as fast as I can. Possibly both.

After years of whining about how I wanted a car, I just went for it and bought one. It's used, yes, but it's also the same car I thought was the coolest around when I was sixteen. Coincidence? I think not.

K was leafing through a brochure of jazz concerts the CSO will be performing this upcoming year, but had decided not to subscribe because it was too expensive. Once I stopped thinking about what else I could do with that money, I realized how much he'd enjoy it and just bought the damn tickets. Bam.

And then there's Camp Mighty. I'd heard about Camp Mighty last year when it seemed like all of my favorite bloggers were off on vacation together and thought it looked fantastic. In 11th grade, my friend and I made our own wish lists, which I've been adding to ever since. I"m thrilled that there is a larger group of people who have done the same thing. I had somewhat forgotten about Camp Mighty until last week when I saw that tickets were on sale. I waffled about it a bit--I' not a real blogger; I'm not hip enough for a weekend lounging poolside or a space party; it's expensive and I should save the money. But then my friend's voice starting screaming in the back of my mind. Just do the damn thing. Life's too short.

So off to Camp Mighty I go!