Hi I’m Caroline. Welcome to my blog, How to Amuse Them Today.  I’m what you might call a “Resource Maven”—I love to discover new things, delve into cool topics, and research the backstories of interesting ideas I come across. This blog is a place to capture that enthusiasm and curiosity. The concept is pretty simple—each day, I post about something that I find fascinating. I find many of these ideas on blogs, on Twitter, and just wandering around Chicago.

I have a terrible memory, so I started this blog to keep track of all of these resources and help me remember why they are so interesting.

I’m also working on my Life List, so occasionally I will post about an item—why it’s on the list, how I’m thinking about tackling it, and hopefully how it felt to actually finish it.

In case you’re interested in learning more about the person behind the scenes, here are some facts:
  1. I live in Chicago, and I’m in love with this city
  2. I have two Siamese cats, Yerpa and Jack, and a fantastic boyfriend/partner/person (we can talk about at what point “boyfriend” becomes a ridiculous term later), K.
  3. I love thinking about food (and I’ve collected hundreds of recipes), but never get around to cooking. Instead, I’m notorious for declaring what’s for dinner and then wandering out of the kitchen while K actually makes it.
  4.  I’ve never met a French fry I wouldn’t eat and I drink my weight in Diet Coke daily.
  5. I am incompetent with directions.
  6.  I have had chronic migraines since childhood, and if I were reincarnated as someone who actually enjoyed the sciences, I would have become a pediatric neurologist dedicated to eliminating that terrible condition.
  7. I have been trying to learn Dutch for years, but I end up pronouncing it with a French accent
  8. My superpower is being able to weed out fake American accents on TV and tell you where that actor’s really from.
  9. I’m currently writing a book-length memoir about the crazy trip I took to France nine days after I graduated from college
  10. K and I celebrate Champagne Friday every week.