Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Internet is Awesome

Today I sent an email to someone telling someone I had only "met" through the internet about something I had read on Twitter. She emailed me back to tell me she loved the link I sent her, then put a little PS about the article in her afternoon blog post. I am only somewhat embarrassed to admit that it made my day.

I read hundreds of tweets every day for work (in batches, mind you, otherwise I would never get anything done). I came across an article about the psychology of DIY and how we value things more if we have a hand in creating them, which is why places like Ikea are so popular even though they essentially generate revenue by passing the labor costs onto the consumer. Despite being a renter, I'm an avid reader of several DIY blogs, especially Young House Love, which I have been reading for over three years. I love their writing voice, their great sense of style, and the story that evolves over time on their blog. I decided to email them a link to the article so they would know that they next time they are cursing themselves while installing penny tile they will at least know that a penchant for DIY is inherent in our psychology.

Though it seems somewhat ridiculous, I was very excited when Sherry emailed me back--it was like hearing from an old friend you've been secretly stalking on Facebook for ages. But then I was even more pleased when she gave me a shoutout in their afternoon blog post. Thanks Sherry!

I really do love the internet.

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