Saturday, January 7, 2012


K. was out this morning at a shindig, and I had a resolution I'd been putting off, so I dragged my butt to yoga first thing. It was absolutely beautiful out and the yoga studio is located in a corner of my neighborhood that is basically unreachable by transit, so I walked. And of course, I got lost. I was also running late, and so I got slightly panicky when I realized I wasn't where I thought I was with ten minutes to go.

I did make it on time after all, but the place was absolutely mobbed. Normally there are five or six people in the class. Today there were 22. It was a zoo--I've never seen anything like it. Every available spot in the room was full and I got stuck near the front where I was best able to demonstrate my distinct lack of balance and inability to remember which one is my left foot.

It was even nicer weather when class ended, so I walked home as well. I took the world's longest shower and then collapsed on the couch. I was asleep when K. finally came home, but I totally deserved it after the two miles and 75 minute yoga class, don't you think?

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