Thursday, December 15, 2011

Did I not get the memo?

I have no idea where they were, but there was nobody in my office today. Cubicle after empty cubicle. You have to go around several corners to get to my desk, so when I showed up (slightly late) this morning, I passed by all of the empty desks and started wondering whether I had just not gotten the memo and everybody actually had the day off today for some reason, and I was just out of the loop.

It was disconcerting mostly because it brought back memories of elementary school when we had "drop the dress code" days and could where whatever we wanted. Not often, but every once in awhile, I would forget, and show up to school in my tunic or kilt and everybody else would be in jeans. It was bad enough being unstylish (I had that one down), but it's ten times worse to be the weirdo who didn't know what was going on. Man, I hated when that would happen. There are few moments more painful than forgetting to wear normal clothes on that one very, very rare day when you don't have to wear a plaid kilt in the freezing cold of February. (is it weakness that I'm thisclose to putting in another picture of a kitten to get that bad memory out of my head?)

Happy early Friday to you--may people actually be at your office when you show up. And don't forget--it's Casual Friday!

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